"This is my 25th session with Diane - what can I say......I have enjoyed every single walk with her!! Diane always finds new ways to challenge me and make sure I am getting the most out of each and every walk!!! Great fun! Great work out! And the bonus is that Diane is great company !!"

February 11, 2014

"Hi Diane, P.G. and I really appreciated the time you took with us yesterday morning helping us with Urban Poling 101. We enjoyed meeting you and feel we learned a lot and thought it was time well spent. Your training session was quite informative and fun, thanks again."

P.G and B., Ottawa ON
July 16, 2011

Thank you for the great walk this morning - something tells me I will think about you often over the next few days (as I feel every single muscle in my legs) !!!!! It was a lovely morning and a great challenge.


"Before meeting this group I wouldn't go for a walk without having an errand to run or a child to pick-up. There is no one more surprised than me to be looking forward to these 'walks'. Phew!!... quite the work out." (SP)


This was the best one yet!! I say this every time... but it's true. Thank you , Diane.


"Good news......I am sore, but not as bad as I thought...........I went for an hour and a half walk this morning with 'A' and although I can feel my foot is a little sore and my legs (knees) are thinking about yesterday, it wasn't as bad as I thought.......I must be in slightly better shape than I thought. Thanks Diane !!!!"


"Wow! Each time I join you, you manage to push me that little bit farther. I'm always so pleased with what I get accomplished. Thanks, Diane." (RM)